A range of lanyards and weight pockets and lead shot weights can be ordered direct from Sally Watson, at  Sally is a PADI MSDT dive Instructor.


Attach the strap to your BCD, so you     r fins and mask can be secured, allowing your hands to be free. Great for climbing ladders or stairs, or to allow you to carry other things, such as dive floats. $22 GST Inclusive Plus freight

Available in a range of colours, Lime, Yellow, Purple, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Pink, Red or Black.


A range of lanyards, 150 mm or 250 mm long, 19 mm or 25 mm wide,

Bolt snap clips, Spring clips or Scissor clips, one clip or two.

All lanyards are made to order and can be ordered as a set in one colour or a 

                                  mixed colour set. Prices range from $22 to $26.40 GST Inclusive Plus freight

                                  DROP WEIGHT POCKET

                                  A tough pocket that clips on to your BCD to hold extra weight for either                                              a weighted descent or during training to carry extra weight for student divers.

                                  The pocket can hold up to 8 LBS in weight. $28.60 GST Inclusive Plus freight

                                  BUDDY LINE

                                  2 Metre long line for 2 buddies to hold or attach in case of poor viz ability.

                                  Comes with a handy pouch to store the line when not in use. 

                                  $16.50 GST Inclusive Plus freight

                                  SMB CORD 6 METRE

                                  12 mm Nylon cord, anti tangle, great for 5 M safety stops. complete with clips 

                                   each end.  $27.50 GST Inclusive Plus freight

                                   CUSTOM WEIGHT BELT

                                   Blue Nylon weight belt with your choice of colour sewn on the top to                                                   customize it to suit your colour scheme. $36.30 GST Inclusive Plus freight

                                  ANKLE WEIGHTS

                                  Made from Nylon tubing, super tough with side release buckles. available in                                      500 gm, 750 gm, or 1 KG. In black only. Adjustable in length.

                                  Prices start from $66 for 500 gm pair. Other prices on application of order.

                                  All prices are GST Inclusive Plus freight

                                  SOFT WEIGHT POUCHES

                                  Lead shot filled weight pouches, more comfortable than solid weights.

                                  Available in 1/2 kg, 1 kg, 1.5 kg and 2 kg. Price on application of order.

                                  SOFT WEIGHT BELTS

                                  Soft weight belt, made to order in length and weight. Fixed pockets or open                                        pockets to add extra weight. Price on application of order