Magnetic Therapy Products

 Magnetic Therapy, provides a natural way to help reduce inflamation, by increasing blood flow to the area affected by the magnets.  By increasing blood flow, extra warmth also occurs to the area, along with reduced inflamation, helps reduce pain.

The products shown here are made in various sizes to suit different horses, small, medium, large and extra large.

Different colours may be available on request.  To order email Sally at

 Magnetic Shin/ Tendon Boots.     

Made from soft leather, lined with neoprene for comfort. Each boot has 10 strong magnets. Line the 2 rows of magnets witht he splint groove for best results and less pressure on the tendon and shin.  Double locking velcro fastenings

Bell Boots.

Bell boots have 2 strong magnets on the heel and one on the toe. Increased blood flow aids hoof growth. Double locking velcro fastenings.      

    Magnetic Fleece Shin/ Tendon Boots.

Made from Sherpa and PVC Tarp. Super tough for everyday use. Soft fleece for comfort on the leg.  Can be washed. Double locking velcro fastenings.

 Magnetic Cotton Rug.

Made with a quality cotton rug, magnets are placed along either side of the spine, down the shoulders and the rump. Any size rug can be adapted.






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