Magnetic Therapy Products Magnetic Therapy Products Magnetic Fleece Shin/Tendon Boots Made from Sherpa and PVC Tarp. Tough outer for everyday use. Soft fleece lining, comfortable on your horse's legs. Strong magnets either side of the tendon/ shin, for better blood flow. Designed for the rows of magnets to sit in the splint groove, either side of the leg for less rubbing on the tendon or shin. Available in small, medium, large and extra large. $80 a pair. 195105817 Magnetic Bell Boots Made from soft leather, lined with a waterproof suede like material, resistant to grass seeds. Each boot contains 3 magnets, 1100 guass each, one on the toe and two magnets at the back of the hoof, sitting over the bulbs of the heel, for greater circulation. Avaialble in small, medium, large and extra large. $90 AUD a pair plus postage. 121582058 Magnetic Cotton Rug 40+ Magnets, 1100 guass in each magnet. Cover from the shoulder to the wither, down the back to the rump and down the hind quarters, giving maximum coverage and maximum benefit to the horse. All sizes available. $240 AUD plus freight. 121581370