Reins Reins Single Loop Reins Leather reins with a single loop on each rein which can be moved along the length to suit different riders. Each loop has a coloured ball and a piece of foam, 2 options for grasp grip, these can be removed. Available in Pony or Hack length $58 plus freight. 152965189 Camel Bar Reins Aluminium bar covered in foam and wool. Keeps the riders' hands separated. Adjustable PVC webbing rein attaches to the bit or add clips for a quick attach and removal. (Clips must be used supervised in an enclosed area) $45 Plus freight. 198375861 Ladder Reins Leather reins with 2 ladders, move from one to the next to shorten or lengthen the rein. Attaches to the bit via buckles or clips. $58 Plus freight. 22942657 Multiple Loop Reins Leather Reins with 3 loops down each rein, move from one loop to the next to shorten or lengthen. Attach to the bit via buckles or clips. $58 Plus freight. 22943342 Bar Reins Timber bar covered with felt. PVC Webbing rein attached to the timber bar for strength. Adjustable, attaches to the bit with buckle connection as normal rein or clips. $45 Plus freight. 22944276 Multi-coloured Reins, Folded Made from cotton webbing, folded and sewn. Coloured in sections so the rider can identify if the reins are even. The reins attach to the bit via the buckle attachment on PVC webbing. Available in Pony and Hack length. $45 Plus freight. 198389212 Driving Reins Made from 19 mm PVC Webbing for strength and durability. Makes an ideal second set of reins for RDAA Carriage Driving. The reins are adjustable in length, just move the buckle to the next slot. Inserts can be added, such as a Straight bar $20,or Camel Bar $25, for better grip and steering. Reins 4 m long $60 plus freight. Camel & Straight bar extra. 200179585 Multi-coloured Rope Reins Made from 19mm cotton rope with coloured sections to hold the reins at the same length. PVC ends with slots to adjust to suit different sized horses. Clips attached for easy removal. Only use clips in a confined space or whilst being supervised. Reins $45 plus freight. 202495733