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Scuba Diving Accessories Scuba Diving Accessories Lanyards- Various A variety of lanyards in a range of colours as pictured. 1 clip 19 x 150 mm $15; 1 clip 19 x 250 mm $18 1 clip 25 x 150 mm $18; 1 clip 25 x 250 mm $20 1 32 mm clip on 25 x 150 mm $22 2 clips 19 x 250 mm $24 2 clips 25 x 250 mm $26 All plus freight 206281752 Fin Holder Strap Go hands free on the way to the dive site. 25 x 150 mm. Attach your fins and mask and snorkel to your BCD, so you can carry extra equipment or be hands free to climb a ladder. Attach to your BCD with a brass snap and a side release buckle secures your fins.Available in various colours $20 plus freight. 206102239 Dive Master Lanyard Add an extra lanyard to your tank band, ideal to carry your DSMB or other spare equipment. While swimming this gear sits on your back, not dragging on the bottom. Less chance of being hooked up or damaged. 19 x 250 mm. Available in various colours. $18 plus freight 206281774 Weight Belt- custom colour Customize your weight belt by adding a splash of colour. Base colour is blue, all belts come with a Stainless Steel buckle. Length can be customized too. $35 plus freight 206102236 Drop Weight Pocket Tech Divers and Instructors often carry extra weight for descent or students. This pocket allows you to carry up to 6 LBS extra. It clips to the BCD and is easy to release. Secured with a side release buckle and velcro. Made from durable tarp material. $25 plus freight 206102238 Trim Weight Pockets A pair of pockets that velcro onto the tank band for trim weights. Each pocket holds up to 6 LBS. Fastened with side release buckles and velcro to secure the weights. Made from 600 Denier with a reinforced back. $50 a pair plus freight. 206102243 Ankle weights Made from Industrial strength Nylon tubing, secured with a side release buckle and filled with lead shot. Available in different weights. Sold in pairs. 500 gm $45; 750 gm $55; 1 kg $65 plus freight 206102237 Weight pouches Made from Industrial strength Nylon tubing, filled with lead shot. The pouches are designed to fit into a padded weight belt or Integrated weight pockets. Various weights available. 500 gm $12; 1 kg $18; 1.5 kg $24; 2 kg $30 plus freight 206102242 DMSB or SMB Line 10 m anti tangle line with a clip each end for easy attachment to your SMB. Available in various lengths. 6 m $18; 10 m $ 22 and 15 m $28 plus freight. 206102241 Buddy or John Line 2 m Buddy line, keep your buddy close in poor viz. Available in bright colours, yellow, green, pink , light blue or red. 2 Clips to attach to each buddy, easy to remove. Comes in a handy pouch. Attach it to your BCD. $25 plus freight. 206102235 Lanyard sets A set of 7 lanyards in one colour, your choice of colour. Red, blue, black, yellow, lime, pink or purple. A special discount applies when purchasing this set. The Dive master lanyard is included, though not pictured. $119 plus freight ( normally $139) 206281753